Brand Identity is key

Our focus is your brand

At Catalyst we are completely focused on creative success and consistency through effective brand management in print, design and multimedia. Powerful, successful brands are built upon solid and well constructed brand identity, and without careful control of the brand image your identity can suffer and your message becomes diluted.


An idea becomes reality

A brand and its associated assets can come from a lightning bolt of inspiration, a eureka moment – or it may well be the end result of considerable research, analysis and development iterations. Catalyst can work closely with you to take your ideas into real-life, fully fledged designed form.

Crafted to last

Our typical design process would take you from early conceptualisation in sketch form, through to suggestions and development of typefaces, colour swatches and visual language assets such as icons, graphical patterning and of course, a logo. When we start refining the identity, we work in Adobe Illustrator so your logo is crisp, sharp and can be deployed at maximum quality in any scenario.

If you want to explore a textured or 3D look, we can transition into Adobe Photoshop or a 3D package to explore further dimensions – you are free to choose!

Creating brand identity from pencil to pixel
Creating a big brand presence from a small footprint

Big Presence,
Small Footprint

At Catalyst we firmly believe that you can drive your company’s brand identity to unparalleled success regardless of the size of your organisation; our expertise in creating the correct processes will enable you to manage your brand in a more cost effective manner. We can save you time, save you money and help you achieve better results.

Starting out or already established?

We can work with you to develop a new brand, or happily assist you with the positive evolution of your current identity – total flexibility as standard. You might be at the sketch on a napkin stage, or you could have an existing brand bible to work to – either way Catalyst can support you and help your brand to remain focused and professional across all media channels.

Guidelines and guidance

Brand guidelines are simple but effective. Regardless of the size of your company you should consider the positive effect of creating a brand ‘Bible’. The sooner you are able to oversee your brand strategy at a high level the sooner you will be able to identify problem areas and also develop a clear vision of where your brand should be.

An organic growth model

Your brand identity guideline document is designed to be a starting point, it could be a simple A4 style-sheet with the very basics that give you core guidance on look, type, colour and style, or it may come in the form of a multi-chapter booklet that covers exact applications across digital, large format, signage and more.

As a guideline document, it has the scope to expand and the very nature of its rigour informs any new additions and case scenarios that need to be considered. It is no surprise that large corporations rely on brand bibles, once you take into account the vast array of media channels and possible brand applications you quickly see that the guidelines are vital for consistency.

Brand Identity Guidelines to guide your brand
Brand representation: is it all looking on message?

Does your brand represent?

Well designed brands are more than just a pretty logo. Empowering your brand message is part and parcel of the branding process, so ask yourself a few simple questions.

Is your brand consistent?

How is your brand working across ALL platforms? Do you have a firm grip on your brand image? To succeed and make your brand more powerful you need to have full control of all aspects of your brand ID.

Do you have up-to-date Brand Guidelines?

Your brand identity needs to keep pace with the rapid developments in online promotion, in less than 5 years the digital marketplace has expanded in dramatic fashion and if your brand bible isn’t informed on these new channel opportunities, then you run the risk of inconsistent brand identity.

Is the Brand looking its best?

Creative thinking and visualisation; it may be an area in which you excel, or it may not. Use the expertise available at Catalyst to ensure your brand identity is as slick and professional as it can be. It needn’t cost a fortune to look your best.

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