An Ethos for making things happen

We are do-ers, not dawdlers. We focus on tangible progress from start to finish and we listen closely to your feedback.

At Catalyst you can expect extreme attention to detail, a rigour and discipline to the correct application of your brand and most importantly, a helping hand to ensure you have full control of your company or product’s creative future.

Whilst companies often allow internal staff to helpfully compile a couple of quick documents in word or publisher to ‘keep the costs down’, this is a false economy. Poorly executed collateral damages your brand and inconsistent application lends a muddled tone to your message. By working close in hand with design professionals, you will retain full control of the brand look and feel, and often benefit from immediate savings in time and asset creation as your library of created content expands. Bespoke graphics and marketing materials designed for your company can often be reused or adjusted to give them a new look and feel at a fraction of the cost of starting over from scratch.

Certified speedy™

We’re all about the turnaround. Catalyst will work to your timetable, giving you realistic expectations for time-frames relating to each stage completion.

Sometimes we know you need a project done, like, right now!

That’s okay and we will always give 100% to try and beat your deadline – we have an excellent track record but if we can’t fit it in, we’ll tell you straight – no promises we can’t keep!

Precision as standard

Even if you have a crazy deadline and want a rush project we will still design and code to the high exacting standards. We will never compromise on quality so you can expect super tidy and clean work even if it’s a same day turnaround.

Catalyst - certified speedy™
360º Creative Output™

From pencil to pixel to print

Catalyst can deliver visuals and assets across a broad spectrum of media. Classically trained with a Rotring Pen, through to shape modelling in Blender, Lightwave and 3DS Max, from the heady days of Flash to the modern responsive coding of HTML5 and CSS3 – we have evolved and added skills across 3 decades.

Sketch from scratch or stock customisation?

Depending on your budget and/or time-frame, Catalyst can develop content that is 100% bespoke and original or we can start with customisable assets from our extensive library of stock collateral for a quick and affordable solution. Regardless of the starting point, Catalyst always delivers pristine graphical content that is designed specifically for your needs and becomes part of your brand’s very own asset library.

A track record of success

With over 12 years on the clock as Catalyst, we’re a trusted business partner. As design professionals, we’ve been in the industry for over 17 years and we’re as keen to be challenged today as we were when starting out as fresh-faced graduates.

Confidence and competence – a reassuring package

We have worked with lots of businesses over the last decade, from one-man bands to blue chip corporations. Sometimes the relationships have lasted the length of a single project, sometimes they have led to long-term partnerships – the effort we provide remains consistently top level.

We care about every project, big and small and our clients know they can trust us to handle everything for them in a timely and considerate manner. Read our feedback section and you will get a strong impression of the the of customer care we offer…

Heritage built through partnerships™
No go-betweens. Let's Talk®

Deal direct with the design professional

Let’s talk, talk and talk some more. At Catalyst we believe that communication between client and design is crucial to a successful outcome – we will never shy away from discussing a project, and it’s only right when you say it’s right.

Speak, write, broadcast, shake hands – whatever works!

We are completely flexible with regards to how we communicate with our customers. As long as the dialogue is free flowing, we’re happy. Whether you prefer to correspond principally via email, or you’re into video chats via Skype™ or Hangouts©, we will be at your disposal. Whilst we work remotely in 90% of scenarios, we can also travel to meet face-to-face and even hot desk at your location if needed.

If you’d prefer to get out of the work environment, why not come and work with us in our studio – you’d be amazed by how much can be achieved this way.

Ready to Get Started?

If you think we could work together, we’d love to hear from you